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Apologies for those in Diagon Alley today. I promise, the explosion you heard was just my twin and I. We were... well, we were doing stuff. With the lab.

Nothing to be worried about!
If one was being harassed by a ministry official and one's father was the minister, what would one do?

I mean, if one couldn't just go ask his dad to get the stupid arsehole to stop.

(And really, this is all hypothetical... honest.)

Apr. 1st, 2007

George doesn't want to have a party, but he needs one! It's our first birthday since ... well since a long time and damnit, he's going to celebrate.

Gin, I might need your help dragging him out tonight. Unless you can get mum, dad, and Ron to the shop... And Harry and whoever else.
I thought I found the old computer hiding away in the stockroom, but it ended up being a Nevpewter and ... well, my eyebrows have returned. That's really the important thing.

Is it normal to be cleaning the place so much? I mean, George is coming home and I want him to feel comfortable... which clean probably isn't going to help. Merlin...

The shop is taking most of my and Mandy's time lately, so how is everybody doing? Everybody that came back, of course. To the Vu. Not from... er...

I'll shut up now.

Nev, you're teaching? Anybody like us (George and I) there yet? If not, then Hogwarts is lacking something special! We'll look into cloning and see if we can't get some needed disaster fun in the walls.

Jan. 11th, 2007

They're letting George out either tomorrow or the day after. That's a good thing for more than one reason none of them being that I've snuck into his room more than once and annoyed the nurses. It's kind of lonely without him in the house or the shop.

I went into Muggle London today after seeing George and I got something for Mandy. It was just sitting there in the window and I swear it spoke to me. Not in the ... never mind.

The kitchen needs to be cleaned. I have to go clean it before George comes home.
The nurses told me to go home. I didn't want to "go home" with George still in there, but at least he's awake. Still, he's alone and I just want to be there with him, just in case. I know I hated it at night when I couldn't sleep and nobody was there.

He kept telling me to say 'peaches.' He said, "Fred, now listen. Just say 'peaches' and it'll get to the right person." So, peaches. I think I know who he's talking about, but I'll ask him that when he's better.

I'm going back to see him today. I don't care what the nurses say, really.

Mandy, I'm sending you a vmail, so look for it.
Who's ready for a party?


Hogwarts, you won't know what hit you... I hope there's nothing we're supposed to do that's important after we arrive...
I'm sure after... exciting events that my twin has again realized that he is being an idiot.

Honestly, Fred, talking with Slytherins is bad enough. But flirting with my girlfriend them? Not on, brother, not on.
I'm slightly disturbed by the fact that my brother (Fred, in case any of you have forgotten) is walking around the shop whistling.

For the past two days.

I'm afraid to ask why... but I think it has to do with the fact that he wasn't here a few times over the weekend.
Things are going well.

At least, we enough.

We should have a surprise by Halloween, if not sooner.


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