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Fred Weasley
1 April 1978
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Fred Weasley

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Full Name: Fred Weasley
Gender: male
Date of Birth: April 1, 1978
Affiliations: The Order; Family
Occupation: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

Personality: [TBA]
Strengths: Protectiveness for his brother and family, determination to get things done, his joke (to make people laugh)
Flaws: Fred would do nearly anything to protect/help his family, but mostly George. That involves not turning him in when George revealed he was a DE and willingly helping Voldemort. He's also a bit dense when it comes to some things.

Family Members: Parents (Molly/Arthur), Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, Ron, Ginny, and friends that are close enough to be family (Harry, Hermione, Mandy, Millicent)
Romantic Interests: Mandy Brocklehurst
Relationship With Family: Very close; Fred was the one (between the twins) that stayed close to family and helped them out most in the war. Thus he has a better relationship when it comes to them.

War: After the Hogsmeade shop was destroyed, Fred told George that he was joining the order. When his brother didn't follow, they had a row that ended in George running the Diagon Alley shop by himself and Fred moving his life between Mandy and the War. He survived and even offered a prank or two toward the light to help them out. When George started to distance himself, Fred felt that he had done something wrong and tried to find out what.
A few weeks later, he started recognizing pranks that were going off on the Death Eater's side and he got annoyed, thinking George was selling to the wrong people. When he saw that George had gone and Marked himself, he was livid. But a quick explanation from his brother had Fred's heart melting. Instead of turning him in, he kept his secret. In return, George risked his own safety (since Voldemort can read minds) to give Fred information. Fred then in turn gave it to the Order, refusing to say his source since George didn't want anybody knowing. Mandy soon found out as well, but for Fred it was a relief since he could finally talk to someone about how worried he was.

Current Residence: Diagon Alley
Summary of Events: The past three months have been between finishing the war and calming his mother down from George's coming out that he was a DE. To help make things easier for their mum to not be angry (and thus make George more comfortable), he explained the reasons behind everything and admitted to the Order that his secret resource was, in fact, George.

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